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巧妙心思 一切源自 ORCA设计坊的Flipper

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Red Tomato

Big Eye

由ORCA巧思设计的Flipper牙刷架,本着俏皮、可爱、创新的功能型设计,再度呈献三个全新系列~即 BIG EYE (大眼精灵)、OZY Joy (喜悦花样)及 MIRA (晨露),替既有的 Amino Jr (狂欢动物园)儿童系列,加注更缤纷的家庭色彩。外形抢眼的Flipper,独家机制持有环球设计专利;只需外拉或按下牙刷,保护壳就会自动开或关。收藏在Flipper保护盒内的牙刷,可以避免空气中细菌及病菌的污染等。作为ORCA首炮产品的Flipper,足迹已经踏遍多个国际市场,除了深受全球消费者的青睐外,更凭藉产品的特色而囊括了 “新加坡设计大奖”(Singapore Design Award)、德国的“红点”(RedDot)以及我国的“优良设计大奖”(Malaysian Good Design Award)等殊荣。


newtide | Flipper 聯獻: Cut ‘N Redeem

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I.M. | Flipper: Cut ‘N Redeem

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Tried & Tested: I.M. Magazine x Flipper

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Animo Jr. contra las Bacteria

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Los portacepillos de dientes han sido creados con principios antibacteriales Esta protección empieza a actuar en el momento en que la bacteria entra en contacto con la superficie del …

Parents Magazine 2009

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Merry Fun!

Parent Magazine 1Parent Magazine 2

This year our Flipper is featured again in Parents Magazine’s December issue. Our Flipper Animal World has been picked as one of the best holiday gifts by parents for their kids. Check more contents online.

At the same time, let’s flash back to have a glance of Flipper’s features in Fall 2008.

Parent Magazine 3Parent Magazine 4

Shut out bacterial and keep in hygiene with the new antibacterial Flipper!

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Diagrams“By keeping your toothbrushes well-ventilated and protected from various sources of bacterial contamination, it helps you maintain a healthier you, daily!”

The incidences of bacteria getting onto, residing or even growing in your toothbrush are more common and serious than is often thought/believed. Storing your toothbrush in the bathroom cabinet or on the wash basin top together with other toothbrushes exposes it to possible cross contamination. Bacteria that can cause oral infections such as gingivitis and serious gum diseases can spread by contact or even simple proximity.

Exposed bristles also lend the toothbrush to hygiene risks such as dirt splashed onto them from washing under the tap, unwanted attention from insects and common bad habits such as not drying them properly or leaving food remnants trapped in the bristles. Harmful germs are thus introduced and even encouraged to spread in such instances.

The new Antibacterial Flipper, consists of an additive which is homogeneously distributed into the plastic resin matrix. The antibacterial agent begins to work when bacteria comes into contact with the product’s surface. The active ingredients then prevents bacteria access to nutrients thus starving them to death. Antibacterial Flipper FAQ

I.M. Magazine Ad.

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We are proud to share our Adorable 12 Animo Jr.’s stories on I.M. Magazine’s October issue.IM Magazine ADIM magazinesIM magazines

“We feel that Malaysians have got stories to be heard, and thus we created I.M. to be the platform for us all to hear about and be inspired by each other!”

You can also pick up one of the I.M. issues at the following hotspots:

  • KL City Centre – KLCC & Pavilion, Krispy Kreme  – Berjaya Times Square, Palate Palette, La Bodega
  • Mid Valley Megamall –, Ruffey I.D, Krispy Kreme
  • Sentral – Centro
  • 1 Utama – (new wing) & Ruffey I.D
  • Sunway Pyramid –, Ruffey I.D, Bar Celona & The One Academy
  • Subang – The Zon LCCT & KLIA
  • Bangsar & Sri Hartamas – – Bangsar Shopping Centre & Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre, Chawan, La Bodega, Alexis
  • Damansara – Wondermilk, TTDI Plaza
  • Starbucks
  • A Cut Above
  • Most bars, dining outlets and other coffee spots