How I Store My Children’s Toothbrushes

Posted by Flipper Museum On June - 1 - 2013

How I Store My Children Toothbrushes

In my house, I have two bathrooms. One is in the master bedroom and the other one is for the children and guests to use. I have three children and I didn’t want to have the toothbrushes put on the countertop or in a toothbrush holder. The toothbrush holder would keep the toothbrushes organized but it would still leave them exposed to the elements and I didn’t want that. My children are all under the age of ten so keeping them where they could reach their toothbrush was important to me. If they were older, I’d keep the toothbrushes in the medicine cabinet.

I was food shopping one day and I had to buy toothpaste. I was in the toothpaste aisle and came across these cute animals that held toothbrushes. They get suctioned to the mirror or any flat surface and they hold the toothbrushes. You push the toothbrush in and it closes when you do. To get your toothbrush out of the holder, just pull it out. They are simple to use and provide a clean environment for the toothbrushes. They certainly minimize the germs that could get on the toothbrushes.

My first round of toothbrush holders lasted about a year. My husband decided to sterilize them and did so by boiling them in hot water. The pieces didn’t hold their shape and he wasn’t able to put them back together. I would not suggest to use my husband’s way to clean the toothbrush holders. I clean them in a way that lets them keep their shape. I asked my husband not to clean them his way anymore. I wash them in hot soapy water and dry them off with a towel. I clean the little crevices with a q-tip and that works just fine. I put the animals back on the mirror and they suction again with no problem.

My supermarket sells out of them pretty quick but I went online and bookmarked the website just in case the supermarket doesn’t get them in again. The website is They have an extensive selection of choices but I don’t think you can purchase them directly from their website. Check for them at your local big name food store or at the big box retailers. I love the toothbrush holders and so do my children. They are easy for them all to use and they stay suctioned to the mirror.

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This article was originally published in ‘Yahoo! Voices’, 21st March 2013.

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