The Origin

The Origin Stamp

Flipper's Birth

Ideas & ConceptsFlipper was born in 1999 after 1½ years of gestation. It began with a problem: how can toothbrushes be kept hygienically and simply? The toothbrush has to be fully enclosed, and the holder must open and close effortlessly without touching any toothbrush bristles.

We explored many different ways to solve this problem before choosing the current “flipping-windows” model. We were stuck for months, however, as we explored how we could use springs in the mechanism – but this would have added complexity and be unhygienic.

One day, we stumbled upon a thick binded diary – and watched how it kept closing upon itself. The idea struck, as we realized that the same simplicity and elegance can be applied onto the Flipper. After many rounds of further design refinements, the Flipper was born: the first toothbrush holder that flips open and closes automatically as needed, through a beautifully simple mechanism.

Awards & Achievements

The Flipper is our original invention that is recognized internationally with multiple patents. We are very proud that as a result of the quality and ingenuity of its design, Flipper has also won many prestigious design awards, such as the Red dot award, Singapore Design Award and Malaysia Good Design Mark.

What lifts us most, though, are the reactions when we showed people how Flipper works. We saw how their faces light up in pleasant surprise, charmed by the design and the mechanism. This means a lot to us, and it keeps us going as we continue to pursue our dream: creating ideas and designs that delights.

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What's in Store for the Future!

Through the Flipper we see how good design and original thinking can improve and delight our lives. Going forward, we will develop more design series to bring the Flipper delight to everybody. What doesn’t change though, is the absolute promise and dedication to the quality we uphold for our Flippers.

To keep in touch with you, we have also created the Flipper Museum – here’s where we’d share the latest updates Flipper-related: our creations, tips on watching out for counterfeits, information about brushing, etc. – we hope you’d find it a great resource!