The Story

Copycat Stamp

The Story
The formidable duo, Flipper Museum curator Professor F and his trusty sidekick CopyCat, were carrying out their daily research when they sniffed a scent in the air: instinct tells them that something is really fishy. Following their hunches, they began an investigation that zeroed in on the main suspect Master Mice… what will they discover?

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The CastsCopycat

CopyCat – so named for its legendary abilities in detecting fakes and copies – is surely not your ordinary house cat. Through Prof. F’s experiments, CopyCat has evolved into a truly lithe sleuth: with superhuman abilities in tracking, hiding, stretching and observing, CopyCat is second to none as a partner to Prof. F, as it combines sharp senses with impeccable intellect to uncover underground counterfeiting clans and bring them to swift justice.


Ever shady and suspicious, Master Mice is the ringleader of a gang of likeminded rodents that churns out counterfeits in the hope of quick-profit. Motivated by greed and yet fearing capture, the gang lurks deep within the darkest crevices in the walls, using scraps and whatever they could scavenge around their dingy factory to produce lookalike products as night falls.

Professor F

As the chief curator of the Flipper Museum, Professor F is a well-respected authority on counterfeit research. Prof. F, as he is affectionately known, is deeply engaged in his study, pioneering new and advanced methods in imitation-identification and prevention. Recently he began to have great success harnessing and amplifying his pet CopyCat’s abilities to detect and hunt down the imitators.