Flipper Care

Flipper Care Stamp

Using Flipper
Using the Flipper is easy – it was designed so that you don’t have to handle it again after the initial set-up (save for cleaning it periodically). Here’s how:

Keep Your Flippers Clean
Dentists recommend that we change our toothbrushes every 3 months. Likewise, we recommend that Flippers be given a good body bath every month. Here’s how it’s done:

Do not remove Flipper BIG.EYE & Flipper Mira’s suction cup when do the cleaning.

Maintain Suction
If you find that the suction cups on your Flippers are losing suction, simply submerge them in hot water (approximately 80°C) for about ten minutes. Voilà – the suction cups are back in shape again!

Maintain suction Cup