Secret Hipster – Dental Health by Adele

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Secret Hipster

Flipper Panda

Dental health has never really been cool, nor has it meant to be cool but after exploring some of my favourite online stores I’ve found some cute little toothbrush holders such as this panda one from Urban Outfitters, fitted out with suction caps at the back to stick to your nearest bathroom wall and avoid having the bristle head covered in soap. Better yet, you’ll know where your toothbrush is and so will everyone else with the bold and cute animal designs.

Flipper - Elephant & Giraffe

Not digging Pandas? There’s also cartoonish little elephants in baby blue complete with tiny ears and an upturned trunk. Aw, even if it is very cute and a little cheap gift I can get for myself it would be very useless around my house since everyone has electric toothbrushes and the weighty base and handle hides all the gears that make an electronic toothbrush do all the kinetic work for you at the press of a button. Before you gift this to someone, check out what toothbrush they have… as subtly as you can that is. In no way am I telling you to break into your extended family and friends’ houses.

Japan Lucky Cat
Vase Toothbrush Holder

For a communal and kitsch way to share your toothbrushes together, there’s also these Chinese inspired lucky cat’s which come in gold to keep your toothbrushes safe. I’d love to have something like this on my desk and not even bother storing toothbrushes in it, perhaps pens or just have it sitting next to my koala piggy bank which is in mock lucky cat style. I found it under my bed a few days ago and god knows just how long it’s been there- I thought I had broken it then had a mental blank but it was just tucked away under something else.

Even the giraffe is really cute- it must be the pot-belly design of their stomach used to keep the toothbrush bristle head safe, the stumpy little arms and bright colour of the plastic as well as the tiny pinhole eyes and horns atop this guys head.

Propaganda Clone Product

I’m very disappointed by the fact that while I have lost teeth, baby teeth none of them have looked like this. Although when seeing the real thing in person I would probably feel confronted and rather off put by their ugly gnarly appearance. Maybe I’ll just surround myself instead with cute little toothbrush holders such as this golden tooth perfectly suited towards the nuclear family of four. Another things dentists don’t properly warn you about is that when they remove teeth they smell very bad, must be all the calcium carbonate.

I have my eye on a gorgeous thick rug from Urban Outfitters which features a full moon on a black background; it costs $150 + $15 extra postage and then there’s the regular postal fee on top of that but if I ever properly clean my room, sort everything out, get rid of all the dust and weird stuff under my bed and move my drawers and desk over I can clear up a wall for photography and finally set up my tripod for self portrait photographs where you can actually see what I’m wearing. This is also why I’m lusting over a second hand Canon 550D so I can see in the flip screen what the photograph is framing up to look like. The point of that rather long ramble was the fact that if I did order my moon rug I’d also buy myself some monkey floss.

Monkey Floss

Monkey floss is not a type of string that you use to clean between the crevices on your monkey, it is in fact twenty-five metres of banana flavoured tooth floss that is an online exclusive, at a price of just $6 I certainly would be a little more motivated to take care of my teeth. As an added bonus this product is recommended by money dentists…. if such a thing exists out there in the real world.

This article was originally published in ‘Secret Hipster′ by Adele on 5th January 2012.

Adele, Secret Hipster, A 20-year-old eternal teenager from Melbourne intrigued by dressing up and self-expression through clothing, mood boards, fashion and journals.

Hello Kitty Everyday Toothbrush Holder is Now Available in Australia!

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Hello Kitty Everyday - Flipper Toothbrush Holder
Hello Kitty Everyday - Flipper Toothbrush Holder


For more information, please log on to Flipper Australia and Howards Storage World.

The Living Room has featuring Flipper

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We achieved a brief feature spot on a popular reality television show here called “The Living Room” (S2 Ep.18) just over a week ago. One of the segments on the show concerned a woman whose house was full with clutter and so to help her solve her problem the presenter took her to Howards where, amongst other items,  she spied the Flippers! Here is the link. The Flipper appearance happens around 28 mins 50 secs. Enjoy!

The Living Room Australia Season 2 Episode 18
Screen capture images from ‘The Living Room’ Season 2 Episode 18.

by Flipper Australia.

Hello Australia!

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Hello Australia
We have now launched our new website to cover the Australian domestic market. Check out more details on our official Australia homepage now! Proudly introduced by Far-Ex International Pty Ltd t/as Good Clean Fun.

Last minute gift ideas from Howards

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Make room for Magic this Christmas!

Deck the Halls! ‘Tis the season for organisation, preparation and the joy of family gatherings. Fill your home with peace, happiness, style and gifts they will love. With some careful planning and some handy hints from Howards, the silly season will be fabulous, not frantic!

HSW Inplace Magazine: Fill your day with smiles

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Nobody gets excited about cleaning their teeth unless they have a BIG.EYE robot holding their toothbrush. You can find Flipper toothbrush holder in Australia at Howards Storage World online store.