Orcarina 8

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Dear readers, seasons greetings! We recently came back from the 2011 IDA Congress in Taipei where global thought leaders expounded on the topics of design, urban planning and consumption culture. What stood out for us was a renewed sense of how in this milieau of behavioral economics, products and technology are increasingly embracing human nuances, working with rather than against our quirks and habits. The theme for this issue is ‘Design for Humans’. We’ll share why a humanistic approach may just be the key that turns automatic into auto-magic. Read more.

Orcarina 7

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Looking to create a ‘seamless’ user experience? What exactly goes on behind it? We share our thoughts in this issue of Orcarina. Read more.

Orcarina 6

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This issue of Orcarina is all about Green. Here we explore the theme of eco sustainability, bringing you our favorite picks on the eco front. Read more.

Orcarina 5

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Welcome to this quarter’s special edition issue of Orcarina. Recently back from our trip to the Interieur fair in Belgium, we are excited to share with you the sights and the sounds of all we have uncovered. It also brings us great joy to present our very own ‘Anecdotes Collection’ which premiered at the fair. Find out more.

Orcarina 4

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This edition of orcarina goes beyond products. Design’s ability to solve a problem from a holistic angle, whether as a full, immersive experience, or within specfic contexts such as business and strategy– has been recognized with increasing fervor. In this issue, we take a look at retail and interactive space design, a workshop we have just conducted, and provide some guidelines for articulating business values through design strategy. Find out more.

Orcarina 3

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Welcome to our third issue of orcarina. In this issue, we share with you tips and techniques to extrapolate the most out of your field research trip. Catch a glimpse of the reinvented and soon-to-be launched Flipper MIRA, and take a tour of our newly renovated creative space — the Orcadesign headquarters in Singapore, a space where visionary ideas come to life. Read more.

Orcarina 2

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In this issue, we see how designers are tasked to visualize and design beyond the product – imagining for the bigger picture – be it a business, a marketing proposition or a vision. Read more.

Orcarina 1

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Orcarina, a repository of selected news on our designs, thoughts and inspirations that we are more than pleased to share with you each quarter. Orcarina is one of the vehicles we have created to share our thoughts with you, and highlight ways design can make connections and lead to more ‘A-Ha!’ moments. Find out more.